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The Closet Dryer

The Game-Changing Drying Device

A new solution to dry clothes & gear


unique device

The Closet Dryer offers a convenient solution to drying delicate fabrics, sportswear, and outdoor gear without compromising on quality. No more hassle with clotheslines or laundry racks.

innovative design & add-ons

to meet specific needs

Customizable to suit the trends and needs of consumers:

♦ Length ♦ Shape ♦ Color ♦ Voltage (12V, 120V) ♦ LED ♦ Heater ♦ Timer ♦ UV light ♦ Rotating mechanism ♦ Adjustable speed ♦ WiFi control ♦ Remote control ♦ Hooking system ♦ Multiple hanging rods

Consumer benefits
Business value

many units per household

More than one Closet Dryer might be needed:

The problems we aim to solve

Tumble dryer

Laundry rack

A necessary evil, because users don’t have any other choice.


Useless when raining, freezing & strong winds, and not an option:

RV & Travel trailer

Many of them lack space for a tumble dryer, have limited electricity supply, and often need to dry damp outdoor gear and towels

all alternatives have major drawbacks

Covered rack dryers


Wall mounted dryers


motorized ceiling mounted dryers


Compact tumble dryers


Modified laundry racks


Normand Lapointe - Developer

I am the sole owner of the Closet Dryer



3455, William-Tremblay St, Montreal (Quebec) Canada H1X 3J4


(819) 979-1910

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